What is the traditional Bulgarian roof? What is the modern European roof? Is there a trend in the look of roofs? We believe that sheet metal roofs are an analog of the traditional finishing of single-family buildings in our latitudes. Cover, shelter, conforming to the current requirements for energy efficiency and a new, modern design with clean lines. A long service life, low maintenance costs, and individual relevance are the benefits that roofs made in this way bring to their owners.


We call the face of the building a facade. It sends us in the morning on the path we take each day in pursuit of prosperity and happiness. Again she welcomes us in the evening, tired and seeking protection and peace behind her walls for us and our families. Whether the facade is straight or broken does not matter at all when we recognize in it the walls of our home. But we still want it to be safe, stable, to stay "stretched" like that. To be colorful, to smile at us and not change its colorful radiance. Not to cause us worries and problems. Should the facade be metal? Why not if it can give us everything?


We have seen him many times abroad and thought that he would never come to Bulgaria. It was said that sheet metal is cold and sharp, and that it does not bring the desired comfort to closed spaces. We are happy to be part of the change and participate in full-color interior spaces that not only do not irritate but emphasize the purpose of the premises. These are our interior solutions in whose clean lines we look around and which invigorate us with color and shapes.

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