To predict the future, one needs to know the past.


We are а family because each of us is in the right place. We welcome and see off. We keep our promises. We apologize if we are mistaken and can sleep well when the job is done right. Everyone says we smile a lot. We hide when we are sad. We constantly wonder if we can get any better.

  1. History
  2. Achievements
  3. Experience
  4. Main priciples

Wir haben während der Jahren unsere Maschinen und Fließbänder langsam gesammelt und sie können den kalten, harten Metall präzis verarbeiten.

  1. RAS|updownbend
  2. DURMA|cnc punch press
  3. JORNS|double-bending machine
  4. DURMA|hydraulic pressbrake
  5. DURMA|guillotine
  6. VARIOBEND|bending machine
  8. DURMA – CNC Laser

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